BBQ Tips

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BBQ Tips

Digital Meat Thermometer
Take the guess work out of knowing when your meat temperature is where you desire.  Don't forget to allow for some coasting time for larger meats, as they will continue to cook after removing from the fire.

How to BBQ - Charcoal or Gas?

I've worked with gas equipment many times.  It is effective and efficient.  With that said, gas equipment will never produce the same flavor as charcoal and wood.  Charcoal and wood requires a bit more time and practice, but the end result is achieving the best flavor.  Besides, once you've mastered making your fire, it's a piece of cake from there!

Charcoal Chimney
There is no better way to light your charcoal quick, easy, no chemicals, no fumes.  Keeps everything neat, clean & HOT!
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